Brain Brew Venture Companies

Invent, Develop & Invest In "Wicked Good"
Patents, Technologies and Brands


About Us

Brain Brew Ventures companies invent, develop and invest in  "Wicked Good" patents, technologies and brands.

Some call us the crazy ones... and we're ok with that. 

As this video says so much better than we ever could...  

We currently have three areas of focus. 

Brain Brew Ventures 1.0 - "Wicked Good" patents, technologies and brands.   New venture companies usually start here as an exploratory.   They can be inventions we have created ourselves or partnered/licensed/purchased from others.  When they become significant they are spun off into a new Brain Brew Ventures company.   In all cases our criteria for investing our time, energy and money include: 
              1) The Innovation is Meaningfully Unique® leap grade.  It makes a difference that matters. It's patentable.
             2) We are confident that we can add significant value to the business opportunity the innovation presents. 
             3) We love it.  It's a challenge that the Brain Brew Crew thinks would be fun to work on and make happen.
Brain Brew Ventures 2.0  - "Wicked Good" TV, Radio, Web and Book Publishing properties

Brain Brew Ventures 3.0 (aka Brain Brew Distilling) - "Wicked Good" tasting alcohol products & brands.

Who We Are

The Brain Brew Crew are engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists, market researchers and investors.
We have hands on experience starting new ventures & leading innovation for multi-nationals.

We fund venture R&D technology projects that we license.  We also do "mercenary" contract inventing work for corporations.   What we don't do is work on projects that don't excite our passions.  We only work on cool shit that matters. 

Our History

We are a spin off from Eureka! Ranch International Ltd. and are located literally - in the garage just west of the Eureka! Ranch.  Eureka! (founded in 1986) was originally an invention and market research consultancy that invented and accelerated breakthrough innovations for leading edge innovators like:  Procter & Gamble, Nike, Walt Disney, Ford Motor Company, AT&T and hundreds more.  

What makes Eureka! unique is a grounding in data -  over 40 years the team has created and quantitatively tested over 20,000 innovations.  You may not know Eureka! - but you would know their work - a survey found that the average American home uses 18 products or services that we've either helped invent or reinvent over the past 40 years. 

In 2009, the Eureka! Ranch reinvented itself - instead of focusing on simply the "front end" of innovation the team lead the development of System Driven Innovation - a new field of academic study and management science.  Known by the Brand name Innovation Engineering, it's purpose is to enable innovation by everyone, everywhere, every day resulting in increased speed to market (up to 6x) and decreased risk (up to 10X success).  

Innovation Engineering - by the Eureka! Ranch team and the global Innovation Engineering Network community - turns ideas into reality faster, at higher value and with less risk.  Quite simply it works!

But there is a problem - over the past 10 years many companies have had to tighten their budgets - and the result is a reduction if not elimination of invention and market focused R&D efforts.  They retain outstanding product and service development teams.  However, the more radical, disruptive and yes "crazed" mindset that it takes to invent a true new to the world invention is missing.  

Brain Brew Ventures provides invention energy for corporations.  Then with the help of Innovation Engineering you can accelerate the ideas to market faster and with less risk.

Importantly the Brain Brew Ventures team works "with" not "at" your technical and business people.  We live and breathe collaboration.  We assemble custom teams of world class teams of experts including our staff, university experts and citizen inventors on your behalf.   We collaborate as members of your team.  We do this because we find that working together is more effective and frankly more fun.   Our mission is to serve - as you need us.  We can provide: 1) technology mining experimentation/explorations in support of Create Sessions or Accelerators, 2) Get our hands dirty doing real invention and patent filing and/or 3) Help you with the transition from R&D to Product Development and world wide production. 

Brain Brew Ventures Inventor and CEO Doug Hall starred as the "truth teller" judge on the first season of ABC TV's American Inventor Series and with Eureka! Ranch staff on the Canadian TV Series Backyard Inventor.   He is the author of 6 books - the most popular being Jump Start Your Business Brain.